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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I, Too, Have a Dream

This was the Martin Luther King Day speech by Dr. Sen Yang, a Falun Dafa practitioner, in Georgia on Monday, January 21.

I, Too, Have a Dream

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Channel 4 news video

I saw this Channel 4 news video and thought I'd like to share it here in case you haven't seen. Dissident crackdown in China

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Falun Gong Group’s Performance Is Outstanding in the 2008 New Year Parade in London

Falun Gong Group’s Performance Is Outstanding in the 2008 New Year Parade in London
By a Dafa Practitioner in London

倫敦大遊行 法輪功備受稱讚(圖)
At the beginning of the New Year 2008, the Divine Land Marching Band, which is composed of Falun Gong practitioners, were invited to participate in various parades and other activities celebrating the New Year in London, Paris, Hong Kong and Taiwan respectively. Through performing music, it brought Falun Dafa’s magnificence and New Year blessing to tens of millions of people across the globe. The Marching Band’s breathtaking performance inspired many people and deeply touched their hearts. Among others, the wonderful performance of the Marching Band in the grand parade celebrating the New Year in London was highly acclaimed by people there.

法輪功天國樂團經過英國議會大廈Falun Dafa Divine Land Marching Band passes the U.K. Houses of Parliament.

花車上,法輪功學員向觀眾展示祥和美好的法輪功功法Falun Gong practitioners demonstrate the Falun Gong exercises on a float in the procession.
跳著傳統扇子舞,法輪功女學員們翩翩經過倫敦的著名標誌“大笨鍾”Female Falun Gong practitioners pass the famous Big Ben in London, while performing the traditional Chinese fan dance.
法輪功遊行隊伍穿過圍滿觀眾的街道Falun Gong procession passes crowded streets in London.
The U.K. Falun Gong group was once again invited to participate in the New Year grand parade in London this year. There were about 500,000 people saw the group’s magnificent performances, including the demonstration of the peaceful Falun Gong exercises in a blossoming lotus flower on a float, the vigorous flag dance performed by male practitioners, the traditional Chinese fan dance performed by female practitioners, and the beautiful float delicately designed to feature the splendor of the “Divine Performing Arts’ Chinese Spectacular.” What really surprised people in London was the breathtaking performance by the Divine Land Marching Band, which led the Falun Gong procession in the New Year grand parade.
樂隊成員演奏了 “法輪大法好”、“法鼓法號震十方”和“歡樂頌”等樂曲,鏗鏘有力的鼓聲驚天動地,被活動現場主持人譽為“最大嗓門的參與隊伍”,法輪功學員整體隊伍經過時,現場主持人通過擴音器向無數觀眾介紹法輪大法的美好。樂聲過處,現場觀眾紛紛鼓掌、不斷喝彩,臉上露出燦爛的笑容,接著高興的向排列在天國樂團後面的其他法輪功學員招手示意,很多人主動的向法輪功學員喊 “Happy New Year!”,並對法輪功學員發放的手工蓮花爭相索要、愛不釋手。
The Band played "Falun Dafa is Good", "Drums and Trumpets Shake the World in Ten Directions" and "Song of Joy" along the parade route. The drums’ sonorous sound was so marvelous and breathtaking that the Band was praised as the “group with most outstanding sound” by the host of the activity. When Falun Gong procession passed the platform, the host especially introduced the goodness of Falun Data to the spectators through the loudspeaker. When the Band passed by, the spectators clapped tumultuously one after another, and their faces were wearing beaming smiles. Some waved their hands to other Falun Gong practitioners behind the Band; others took initiative to exclaim “Happy New Year!” to Falun Gong practitioners, and still others asked for paper-folded lotus flowers distributed by practitioners.

Throughout the course of the parade, which lasted about one and a half hours, members of the Band marched in unison and kept smiling all the time in response to the spectators’ warm applause. When the parade was about to end, it started drizzling in London area; however, the practitioners were still in high spirits and marched in orderly lines to the end of the parade. After the parade came to a close, the organizer of the event told some practitioners that he was surprised to see the Divine Land Marching Band in the procession of Falun Gong, and that he was amazed by the its wonderful performance. He added that he was pleased to see Falun Gong practitioners participating in the parade, and that Falun Gong group’s performance has been better and better in recent years, especially this year.
The members of the Band who joined the parade were glad that they were able to display the magnificence of Falun Dafa to so many spectators. After the parade, a British girl by the name of Christine, who joined the Band and participated in the parade for the first time, said that it was great to participate in the parade, and that she saw the spectators hailed the Band from time to time. When asked about her feelings, a young female practitioner from Taiwan who performed overseas for the first time said that she was moved by the spectators’ exciting response to the Band’s performance. As a result, she kept smiling to interact with the spectators throughout the parade. She was proud of being able to make it through some difficulties to participate in the activity in London this time. Mr. Wang, a member of the Band who has participated in the Band’s performance in various cities in Europe, said that he felt that many people really like the Band’s performance, and that he witnessed many people clap and even dance along the music played by the Band.
The spectators seeing the 2008 New Year grand parade in London once again witnessed the peacefulness and wonderfulness of Falun Dafa as well as the magnificence of traditional Chinese divine culture. Among others, they were deeply amazed by overwhelming vigor presented by the Divine Land Marching Band.

After the parade, all practitioners participating in the event moved to a nearby park to poise for group photos, which would be sent to Master Li as New Year greetings. During the process, an elderly British couple saw the practitioners quietly. They told a practitioner who talked to them afterward that they were London residents by the names of Bob and Jenny, and they have watched the New Year Parade every year. They really liked Falun Gong group’s performance very much, and found that the group’s performances were added some variety every year. They were especially inspired by the Marching Band’s performance this year.
Jenny added that the young female dancer’s huge photo on the float in the Falun Gong procession was very beautiful. When Falun Gong practitioners told her that it was the photo of a dancer of the Divine Performing Arts, which would perform in London in February, both Jenny and Bob were very delighted to hear that and said that they would definitely go see the show.
In the following evening, Tony, a practitioner who participated in an around-the-clock peaceful protest in front of the Chinese Embassy in London, met an elderly German couple who were members of the Free Tibet Campaign and have staged a protest at the Embassy every Wednesday evening regularly. The couple had already known the Chinese Communist regime’s evil persecution against Falun Gong. Upon seeing Tony, they excitedly said, “I saw the Falun Gong procession in the parade yesterday. It was amazing that Falun Gong group was so wonderful and the procession was so long. Especially the sonorous sound of the drums in the Marching Band was indeed extremely breathtaking. I think all of the people within six miles might have heard of it. Good for you!”
Chinese version available at

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